Heng Balance Lamp

A unique lamp with a switch in mid-air Created by: Li Zanwen Produced by: Allocacoc DesignNest The idea of a lamp switch in mid-air is really not heard of before. The idea of using magnets is great. The design of the lamp resp. loop is also very unique. Maybe being able to choose if you want a […]

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Where are we heading?

WordPress Daily post: Someday Where are we rushing so fast? Why does everything in our world have to be so hectic? Why does everything has to happen as fast as possible? We all understand the concept of “time is money”: The more you can get accomplished in one day, the more efficient you are, the more things get […]

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Far far away…

I am finishing my dinner. Grabbing the last peas with my fork, drinking up my iced tea and asking my parents if I can leave the table. My mom tells me “Sure, go on honey,” and adds “but go and finish your homework before you turn on your computer!” I make a face and run […]

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Thought experiments

I was preparing for a job interview and I checked my CV to see, if I have all my bases covered. So I went through my skills and thought about examples from my experience to justify them. When I came to analytical thinking I stopped. This is something many people have in their CV, but […]

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