Far far away…

I am finishing my dinner. Grabbing the last peas with my fork, drinking up my iced tea and asking my parents if I can leave the table. My mom tells me “Sure, go on honey,” and adds “but go and finish your homework before you turn on your computer!” I make a face and run […]

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Short Story: Darkness

It was dark. He woke up and it was dark. Why was it dark? Where was he? He didn’t like the darkness. He was absolutely lost. He looked around and saw nothing. And it was cold. It wasn’t only a cold that came from outside of his body, it was ever-present. He couldn’t describe, nor could […]

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Short Story: Dunkelheit

Es war dunkel. Er wachte auf und es war dunkel. Wieso war es so dunkel? Wo war er? Er mochte diese Dunkelheit nicht. Er war völlig orientierungslos. Er sah sich um und er sah nichts. Es war auch kalt. Es war keine Kälte die von aussen kam, es war eine die einfach da war. Er […]

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