Designated Survivor – How can they keep up?

I just finished watching episode 1 to 10 of the relatively new TV-Show Designated Survivor. I watched all 10 episodes in almost one session, because it is that gripping!


The American President, his VP, the senate and all joint chiefs die in a terror attack at the senate. The secretary of housing and urban development is the only one who survives and named the designated survivor, the next in line, The new President of the United States of America.

The story follows Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) as the unwillingly president of the US and his struggle to multitask the rebuilding of the government, catching the bad guys and uncovering (of course) a plot.


Tom Clancy wrote in his novel “Executive Orders” a very similar playbook. The exception is that a newly sworn-in VP takes over. But the main idea is the same.

Funny coincidence?

It is funny to see a very successful TV-Show like House of Cards, where one persons goal is to become the US President at all costs and this one, where the job is handed to a guy who doesn’t want it and is unqualified for the job. Ironically these two TV-Shows combined mirror the real life opinions about the actual President of the United States of America.

My opinion

In almost every episode a key plot of the story unveils and leads you deeper down the rabbit hole. The pace of the story is very fast and there is not much time for touchy-feely-feelings. There is, but not much! The camera lead is very good, you can see they had quite a budged to draw from, the dialogues are well written, not much humor though. Some story lines can be anticipated and some are very creative.

I don’t know how the plot will develop further (although I have a feeling there will be some corporation or secret society behind this), but I am very curious what will happen.

So check out the first episode. If you like the first one, go and watch all the 10 there are. You won’t be disappointed.


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