Tipps für den erfolgreichen Arbeitseinstieg – MK Marketing und Kommunikation

Summary from german:

This article is about introducing a new employee into an already existing company. There is much to do, even after signing the contract.

Even if the work start is a few months away, it is important to keep in touch with the new employee, so he is ready for his first day on the new job.

The first six month are crucial. The new employee has to be introduced to the team, his workplace has to be arranged and fitted to his function. Company goals, expectations, company rules, customs inside the company, unwritten rules and conduct have to be explained.

Where can the new employee turn to, when and if he has questions? Every newbie should be given a mentor. A person of contact. Continuous feedback in the first six months are key, so the employee can adapt to the employers expectations and he can receive a feedback to his work.

The way of an introduction of a new member into a team is crucial and everybody sees the importance of this, the hole process can improve productivity from the start.


Do you have any experiences you would like to share on this topic? Any comment is welcome.


Wenn es um erfolgreiches Recruiting und Onboarding geht, passen One-fits-all-Vorgehensweisen nicht. Welche Methoden helfen, einen nachhaltigen Onboarding-Prozess aufzubauen und zu implementieren? You’re hired: Hier unterzeichnen bitte Ist der Vertrag unterschrieben, ist es ratsam mit den neuen Mitarbeitenden bis zum ersten Arbeitstag in Kontakt zu bleiben. Insbesondere dann, wenn dieser noch etwas in der Ferne liegt. […]

Source: Tipps für den erfolgreichen Arbeitseinstieg – MK Marketing und Kommunikation


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