Isn’t social media like smoking was back in the 60’s?

Relating to my post from earlier today I had some more thoughts.

Actually I started thinking about this when I watched the first episode of the TV-Show Mad Men. The TV-Show starts off with the problem, that in the 60’s advertisement companies couldn’t advertise cigarettes as a “it’s ok, it won’t kill you”-product anymore. They knew that smoking was bad, they had research (I looked it up) and they kept on advertising it and telling people to keep on smoking. Only because the tobacco companies pumped money into advertisement.

Now I know that social media won’t kill you (physically). Won’t it? No, it won’t.

But many say it kills you socially.

Don’t get me wrong, I too use social media (like back in the 60’s people still kept on smoking, although they knew it can kill you), and I know that you’re on “the map” if you’re active on social media, but does anybody think what happens to our real-life social skills? I hope some do.




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