Where are we heading?

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Where are we rushing so fast? Why does everything in our world have to be so hectic? Why does everything has to happen as fast as possible?

We all understand the concept of “time is money”: The more you can get accomplished in one day, the more efficient you are, the more things get done, then more “money” comes in.

Does it? And at what expense?

There’s the one thing, that’s missing a lot in today world:


There are millions of things you can get for yourself. May that be a toy car for your boy, or of course a toy doll for your girl, clothes, utensils, gadgets, business plans, investment plans, business services, books, etc. But how many of these are really quality products? I am sure, everybody had the experience of buying something and then after some days or a week thinking to himself, that he rather wouldn’t have.

Lets take the toy cars in the shopping malls. You can see how they changed during the past. You can’t “say when I was young everything was better”, because it wasn’t. There was cheep crap, too. But not so much plastic as today. Most of the toy cars were made of metal, or at least something that resembled metal. Today, most of them are produced in the most “cost effective” way possible.

We all understand the concept of business and making money. But how many times we read in the news that things go wrong? Companies save money where they can or they go under, banks go bankrupt because of bad investment choices, government initiatives go unfulfilled because of a too small budget (but they still spend money to develop it and then it turns out “Oh, we can’t realize this!”), some businesses have higher revenues than some countries and here you ask how that can be and how are they pulling it off?

Is it really worth going down that path?

It’s not just about the financial viewpoint of producing a toy cars. It is cheeper to produce them out of plastic, of course, but the mindset we are heading to is even more concerning. The values we are heading towards. The values the next generation and the generations after that will follow. The examples we give to those, who will be here long after we’re gone.

Not everybody has experienced the work pace in a big company or in a startup. In many companies a big part of the job interview takes up this:

“This job is very stressful. Can you handle stress? Can you handle stressful situations? Can you handle it, that you’re always out of time? Can you handle overtime? Because you will have a lot of overtime.”

Would you want to take a job like that? If it’s a growing company or startup you must invest time to build it up and grow it. But how many people in the world can work with the thought of always being out of time and deliver a high quality job? I am sure, there are people who can do that, but for how long? And at what cost? Ever heard of burn-out? What does this work pace to your psyche? To your state of mind? To your health? Family and friend relations?

Where is our world heading to with this mindset? Where will we be someday?

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