Heng Balance Lamp

A unique lamp with a switch in mid-air

Created by: Li Zanwen

Produced by: Allocacoc DesignNest

The idea of a lamp switch in mid-air is really not heard of before. The idea of using magnets is great.


The design of the lamp resp. loop is also very unique. Maybe being able to choose if you want a stripe of led-lights

  • only on the inside
  • only on the outside
  • on the inside AND on the outside

of the loop would be a nice option to have.

The mood the lamp creates is very comfortable and is with time not intrusive, disturbing or annoying.




The lamp is right now available in five different colors and three different shapes:

ellipse, round, squared


natural wood, dark wood (coated), black, red, white


It’s stated, that the materials used is natural wood. The natural wood color option will be probably the most natural one and the ones with other color will be probably coated. If the colorful will be matte or glossy is unknown.

Source: kickstarter.com


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