Sorry, There’s Nothing Magical About Breakfast – The New York Times

At last, there is somebody on my side. Everybody is bullying me and lecturing me on how I have to eat breakfast in the morning and if I don’t, I am only hurting myself. Well, if my body would need breakfast, then I would crave it, now wouldn’t I? It’s a different question, if you get used to breakfast or not, while growing up. I always had breakfast growing up. Even during high school I always bought some breakfast.

But when if I get up at 6:00 am, I usually get a bit hungry around 9am. But nobody should lecture me about breakfast, when I just don’t have a hunger feeling right after I get up. My stomach needs maybe 2h to start working. If I force down breakfast right after getting up in the morning, what ever that food might be, I feel nauseous through the day.

It’s the same with fruits. Yes, of course vitamins are healthy. Nobody can say they’re not. And nobody wants to live unhealthy, but I always get lectured about how I don’t eat fruits. I eat them rarely but I am still healthy. Check-ups reveal that. So if my body doesn’t crave fruits, why force it? There are people eating vitamin pills through the hole day. Lecture them. Tell them, to heat real fruits instead of laboratory-vitamins.

As in the article stated: if you want to eat breakfast or a lot of fruits, please do so. But: Leave the no-breakfast-eaters be!  🙂

PS: I personally have done no research into nutrition or healthy eating or anything. I only speak of my experience here.

PPS: The featured image is just the one from the article in the NYT. I could also have picked one where you see cereals or fruits. The picture (like in many cases) shouldn’t influence your opinion about healthy breakfast or unhealthy breakfast.






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