Far far away…

I am finishing my dinner. Grabbing the last peas with my fork, drinking up my iced tea and asking my parents if I can leave the table. My mom tells me “Sure, go on honey,” and adds “but go and finish your homework before you turn on your computer!” I make a face and run up the stairs to my room. I close the door, grab my schoolbag and sit down at my desk. My room is under the roof and in the summer it’s a bit warm, but in the evenings like today, I can open the window and a fresh breeze cools it down. It’s not big. Exactly how you would imagine a 14 year old boys room: Modells, posters, clothes everywhere, basketball lying around and my baseball bat leans against the wall next to the door. I sigh and look for my schoolbag with my homework in it. I grab it and go to my desk. I don’t turn on the lights, because my desk at the window has a desk light, which is enough for homework.

I take out my books and check which subjects I have homework in: Math, Biology, Physics and English.

What should I start with first? Lets do math first.

I grab my yellow pencil, I open the book, my notebook and grab my calculator and start with math.

After some time, only the english homework is left. I have to read a passage from a book I don’t really care about. Bored as I am, I look out the window and see that the sky is without clouds.


I climb up onto my desk, grab the windows frame and heave myself onto the roof of our house. I am really careful and try to be quiet, because my parents have one superpower, I can’t explain: they hear everything. It’s a curse.

There is a cool breeze, but lying on the warm roof tiles makes it OK. It’s not the first time I lie on the roof like this, the sky above me, but today it’s different. The sky is so clear, that I really can see all the stars. I have a feeling that I can see even beyond them.

I see a planet. Green and blue in color. Much more green than blue actually. It has a moon in a red color. Most of the planet is covered by a thick liquid. It’s dark green and really thick. Not as fluid as the water on earth. like jelly. There isn’t much land on this planet, but it’s not empty. There’s somebody there. Not humans. An alien race that is very advanced. Their technology allows them to travel the universe. Their society is advanced, too. The  abolished the idea of currency. They have no wars. No diseases. They concentrate on advancing their civilization. Art, music, philosophy, exploration and much more. They are very curious and look for everything new and unknown. Every time they find something unknown to them, they create a colony near the phenomenon and start their observations. This planet’s thick oceans were the reason they came here. Never before have they found something similar. There is also a living organisms in these oceans. It iss made up of a new kind of element, which they haven’t seen before. It is very dark, matt, elastic and in constant vibration or flux. They can’t explain how that’s possible. Yet. And: this organism seems to be also intelligent. Very intelligent and the researchers try to establish first contact with them.

If I look to the left, I see a sun. A sun that has swallowed his planetary system. The sun went supernova. Now the star is right before imploding and becoming a white or brown dwarf. I learned in school, that that’s what usually happens. But not here. After the star reached its maximal size it imploded, yes, but the whole mass. No, the crust was left where it was and the inner crust shrunk back to its original size. Now there was a huge ball in space, cooling down, not breaking up and the inner core reignited again. The space between the cooling outer crust and the inner core is also cooling down. Gases and nebulas are created and who knows what will follow?

At last, I look right and see a nebula. Blue and orange in color. The nebula is moving. It’s huge. It’s moving slowly through space. There’s a rogue planet levitating through the silence of the emptiness. The nebula is moving towards that planet.

How can a nebula move towards something? Is the planets gravity pulling the nebula in?

The nebula reaches the planet and then something happens. The planets atmosphere reacts with the nebula. Sparks fly. More and more. The nebula changes color. From blue and orange it changes to dark red. Then the atmosphere evaporates and the gasses of the nebula touch the planets crust and then the crust… On contact with the nebula it freezes so fast, that in the same it burst and blows out into space. More and more of the crust gets blown out until the core of the planet lies open. The nebula reaches that core and the core is being absorbed.

Absorbed? How?

The core gets smaller and smaller. The nebula seems to “eat” the core and grow.

How can that be? Is it even a nebula?

Then I hear my mom calling. I have to go back inside. Probably to brush my teeth and then get ready for bed. I climb down to my window, grab the frame and climb back onto my desk. Carefully trying not to break anything that’s on it.

I leave the wide universe behind. The infinite size of the universe, the infinite possibilities and the infinite stories that happen every second far away from us. Maybe somebody else will keep watch over it.

by Daily Post: Infinite


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