Short Story: Darkness

It was dark. He woke up and it was dark. Why was it dark? Where was he? He didn’t like the darkness. He was absolutely lost. He looked around and saw nothing. And it was cold. It wasn’t only a cold that came from outside of his body, it was ever-present. He couldn’t describe, nor could he understand it.
Slowly his eyes started to get used to the darkness. Should he stand up? Should he leave the corner where he crouched? Where could he go? He felt, that the room he was in, wasn’t big. He felt the closeness of the walls around him. He felt also the emptiness of the room. This room was outright empty. Why was he here? Was he a prisoner? Was there a door? If so, where was it? Deep inside, he hoped there was none. He didn’t want to be here and he didn’t wanted to go away from here. He didn’t want to move altogether. How did he even get here? He couldn’t remember. His head hurt. It wasn’t a pinching pain you get if you suffer a blow to the head. It was a dull pain and it filled his whole skull.
His eyes got used to the lack of light more and more. Now he could see his hands. They trembled. Not much, but they did. His whole body trembled a bit. He gathered all the courage he could muster and started to stand up. Slowly. He pressed his back to the wall and stood slowly up. Although he was cold, he started to sweat. He tried to focus and make out the wall in front of him, but he couldn’t. He gathered some more courage and he started to move. Very slowly. One foot in front of the other. He tried to make out more things, but his eyes couldn’t get use to the darkness more. He put out his arms to feel his way around. He touched the wall with the tip of his fingers and felt it was wet. It was a wet cold. He went on. While trying to find his bearings, he noticed a very faint glimmer of light. The glimmer was a foursquare. Around a meter in width and maybe two meters in hight. It was like a little frame. A door! He didn’t know if you should try to open it or not. What could be behind it? An exit? Or just another cold dark room?
He felt after the door knob and found it. He turned it. He expected that the door would be heavy or locked, but it open as easily as a breeze. But still, he opened it slowly and carefully. While he opened the door, he had his eyes closed. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t dare to keep them open. He opened them only after he felt, that the door was open fully. Behind his eyelids, he couldn’t make out if there was any light or not. First he just noticed his own heartbeat. His heart was pounding so hard, that he could almost make out an echo in his head. He was sure he imagined that. But he was also sure, that he could actually feel every heartbeat in his body. Every tremble. He pulled himself together and forced himself to open his eyes suddenly. Like ripping off a band aid.
He was standing in the middle of a doorway. In front of him was a long corridor. It was still dark, but far away he made out another glimmer of light. He touched the walls and they were as cold and wet as the walls in the room behind him. He started to move towards the faint light source. Suddenly his hand brushed over something on the wall. He found a switch. It was a light switch. And he turned it and the lights went on. It was so bright, that it hurt his eyes. This bright light appeared so suddenly that it hurt him and he screamed out. He screamed echoed through the corridor. The echo was piercing. He felt a shiver run through his body because of his own scream. Because of his own voice.
He opened his eyes. But carefully. He looked around. The walls were made of steel. Same as the walls in the room he woke up in. He looked into the corridor and saw a figure far away. It was just standing there. But he noticed, that the figure was in comparison to the corridor quite small. Then he realized that it was the figure of a small girl. He couldn’t make out the details, he only saw a black shape. Although he could make out that she had curly hair that fell onto her shoulders. Her hair was black and she wore a simple white dress. The dress went until her knees. She was barefoot. He was actually relieved that he wasn’t alone here.
He wanted to walk towards the girl and the in the same moment he made a step the little girl also stepped towards him. At the same moment the lights closest to girl went out. She stepped one more time and the next lights went out. She started to walk slowly towards him. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry. But the lights went out one after the other. She came closer and closer. The air around him felt colder than before. He looked around and saw the door to the room he came from. An unexplainable voice in his head told him to go back into that room. He should get away from that girl. He looked back at her and she was closer than when he looked away. But she couldn’t have passed that distance walking as slowly as she did.
He called out to the girl. “Hello!” But she didn’t answer. She just kept coming closer. He decided that it would probably better if he would go back to the room he came from. He slowly went back in, never loosing sight of the girl, and closed the door.
He again heard his heartbeat. But he heard also the wet sound of the little girls feet on the steel floor coming closer. He felt, he heard a small giggle too, but he thought he surely imagined that. He focused on the faint glimmer of light around the door and then suddenly it was gone. He got suddenly scared. Really scared. He didn’t know why, but panic came up in him. He tried to see something in the darkness of the room, but suddenly something touched his face and he was looking right in the eyes of the little girl. She was smiling. And he couldn’t breath anymore. He tried to breathe, but it was like the room was out of air. He grabbed his throat, but still no air. The girl was still smiling and as he backed away she came closer and closer. Always closer. Then she opened her mouth widely and he woke up.
He gasped for air and he received it. The air that was refused to him in his dream. It was a dream. It was only a bad dream. He felt relieved. He felt better. He even had to smile. How could somebody dream up such things? But then something was not right. He should have been in his bed, but he wasn’t. And why was it so dark around him? He was in a dark room and it was cold and wet.

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