Fancy. Not so much anymore?

Fancy. As the name states, it’s a page where users post “fancy” stuff: Gadgets, clothes, accessories, jewelry, tech, furniture, etc. Stuff which has a unique design or is uniquely useful or just cool to have. You can fancy an item if you like it. Most items are posted so you can order them online. Most are from the US but after some time world wide shipping was introduced and even I ordered ones an item to Europe. The prices ranges from a few dollars to exhilarating levels to over 20’000 USD. But, for me, it never mattered, because I was fascinated by the creativity of the items itself, which are posted there.

Way back in 2008 when I first noticed the Fancy, I was excited. There were products of which I would have never dreamed about. Stuff that was so stylish and uniquely designed, that it blew my mind. I checked every day  for the new stuff they posted. I was excited, inspired and everything good. That’s when I found out, there are pages like and the likes.

I am following the page for some years now. Not every day, but quite frequently. The page developed a lot during the years. Now there are Fancy Gift Cards, there are “shops” and brands represented, you can follow people / users who’s posted items you like, as a contributor you can collect rating, etc. In the beginning you could also comment on every item put on Fancy. You could share your experience and write a review if you ordered that said item or just comment on what you thought about the said item.

Now that’s gone. You could be asking “why?”.

Then over the years the content changed. People started posting every-day-stuff. Some were just plain shirts with “funny and inspiring” or “provocative and trendy” prints, other were just simple every-day things without any fanciness about them. At first it wasn’t a bother, because you just skip them and it’s ok. But then more and more meaningless and 100%-ly non fancy stuff found its way on to the page, which makes up maybe 60% of the posts and you just can’t avoid them. Not just shirts with idiotic prints like these:

475780523059315747_d024d9af3f57.jpg    244643277_d136113277db.jpeg    1313683188014384643_9b9f0b2a9dd5.jpg

These type of items weren’t there before. Sadly Fancy became part of “globalization”, I guess. I know, that’s how business works, but if your pages name is, keep it fancy.

If you want to host designer articles like the swag-shirt, make a page that says swag-designer-stuff, design valve or weird-stuff-weird-people-would-wear.

I don’t presume to have the authority to state what good taste is or not (although you could philosophically argue about taste), but I think I’ve seen the world and nobody can convince me that a shirt with the print “satan is a lady” is good taste. And if somebody, who’s past elementary school age, wears a shirt that says “sarcasm: just one of the many services I offer“, then I just think to myself: Grats man! Good choice for a shirt. (this was sarcasm by the way).

There are still a lot of items, that are incredible and mind-blowing. Well designed, thought-through concepts where there is a lot of thinking and work behind it. Please, go to and check it for yourself. I hope you will mostly enjoy it. I still haven’t given up on it, so let’s hope for the best. Here are some items which, in my opinion, deserve credit for good design and taste:

White Grass Watch


Book Hook


Pulp Fiction Key Holder & Wall Mount


Iron Man Bookends


Zyp Zyp Tape Dispenser



Smartphone controlled Paper Airplane


(It took some consideration if and how to write this post, but this is in my mind for a long time now and I don’t know how to address this topic otherwise.)


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