Star Wars – Rogue One: Really a Star Wars story?

No spoilers here!

Yesterday I saw the new chapter in the Star Wars movie universe. Every time I go to watch a Star War movie in the theaters I feel like a little child, who knows christmas is coming. And then? Well, the past two movies, including Rogue One, was a little bit a… how should I say? Well, you’ll find out what I mean.

I must say, Rogue One is a much better movie than The Force Awakens. At least this movie has his own story and is not a summary of Star Wars IV-VI. That was for old fans quite dissapointing. I understand why they did it in TFA: they had to grab/create/win-over a new generation of Star Wars fans. Kids and Teenagers who weren’t alive back in the old days when Star Wars IV-VI was released (I have to admit, I wasn’t either, but I saw my first Star Wars movie in 1989 I think). The generation of today probably hasn’t even seen Star Wars IV-VI. Maybe not even Episode I-III. Disney (sadly not George Lucas anymore…) had to found a new generation of fans who could be approached later with business intent (merchandise, etc.). But still, for old fans The Force Awakens was storewise not what expected. There would have been many better choices. Star Wars adaptations from books. Rogue Squadron or the Thrawn Trilogy, just to name two of them. And visual? Well, a planet which kills planets? Really? And is blown up by an X-Wing? (That was a big question at the first Death Star too, but in Rogue One we get the answer to that. That is cool.)


Rogue One had at least its own story. How the Rebels got the plans of the first Death Star. We know who got the plans for the second Death Star around Endor (yea yea, the Bothan spies. Their big sacrifice how they got the plans is always emphasized by Borsk Fey’lya). Now we know how the Rebels got the plans for the first one. And the ridiculous weakness that the first Death Star had is also explained. That was a nice move.

And it was ok, that there were no Jedi’s and only one light saber in the movie (one very impressive Darth Vader scene). It was more like a story about a special ops team. It had a very strong Battlefront atmosphere. Something was missing. Yes, in some of the Star Wars books, like the Hans Solo series, there are no Jedi’s either and they still have a very strong Star Wars flair.

A little bit sad is, that how the band of rogues comes together is a bit hurried up. There is no real story development about how this group becomes a team. But maybe for that you would have needed more than the 2h and 13 mins they had at hand.


Some of the characters were interesting, some were funny, some were little far snatched.

The girl – Who’s father is the main engineer of the Death Star and has a change of heart and becomes a collaborator and is, after leaving, put back in charge of the project (Really?).

The Jedi temple keeper – Good one. A fanatic, who has skills and humor.

Jedi temple keepers friend and muscle – The Big Gun is ok. We don’t know how they fit together, but that’s a mystery and is ok, too.

The Rebel Captain – Very flat character with nothing to show for.

The Rebel Captains reprogrammed droid – Has character. Funny guy of the bunch.

The Pilot – He’s just a pilot who after an interrogation didn’t lose his mind as expected.

The bad guy – Except of giving orders to kill people, no deep character and no style. Wearing white uniform, while surrounded by back armored stormtroopers (who have weirdly crackled comm sounds) doesn’t make you special. (Wilhuff Tarkin would have been a much better choice as the main bad guy.)

Some of these characters will stay in our memory. So: good job.


Can’t say much without spoiling… Visuals were great! Effects and locations were cool. There were some “WOW”-moments and I am sure, if you re-watch the movie, there will be a lot of cool stuff to discover.

Ok, I think that’s enough. These were just a few thoughts about the movie.

So at the end it was a Star Wars story. Not an expected one, but a good one.

All in all:  7 out of 10.


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