Big hype about Super Mario Run: justified?

Justified? Yes. Worth the hype? No.

There is a huge hype about Nintendos new jump & run rerun of the classic Super Mario. Everybody talks about it. Even Jimmy Fallon was going nuts on his show where he introduced it. I absolutely understand. Everybody who grew up in the 80’s knows Super Mario. It’s nostalgic. And almost everybody from that time played on the Nintendo consoles. From “Top Gun”, the “Super Mario”-Series to  “Zelda”. You don’t know these? Try to get an emulator and run them. Old, but very addicitive and they are REALLY old-school. Ok, back to topic.

First of all, I was suprised that Super Mario Run is not available for Android devices. That’s a bummer. A big one. But ok, somebody I know has an Apple device so I could download and try it on that. I was super excited: “Wow, a new Mario release! Juhuu! How awesome is that?! Hello nostalgia!”.

The Game

It starts of course with an intro where The Princess is being taken. Of course she is! The intro doesn’t take forever, which is nice. Then comes an easy tutorial which is clear and understandable. After short, you can already play your first mission: “Jump, you little plumber! Jump!”

The game also has a cute menu and there are more mini-games and multiplayer games you can play. Really cool.  The graphics are nice, the one-finger-control is a very cool idea and works really good. Sound is same as back in the days and is great. OK, after trying the multiplayer and bonus games you WILL want get back to do the levels. You start and at the end of the first level there is a Castle: those who played it back in the 80’s know what that means. And now comes the worst: if you want to play that final screen of the level and all other 6 levels you MUST PAY!

In that moment the f-word came over my lips. I checked if there is a possibility to bypass the payment to advance, maybe with patience and multiplayer earnings or something, but there isn’t. I was really dissapointed and … well it’s just sad…

There are many games around, where you “can” pay if you want to advance faster or you want unique stuff, and that’s ok, as long as you let us actually play the game. Super Mario Run is almost over after the initional 10  minutes (yesyes: if you don’t want to play).

VERDICT: Big hype is justified, but the game is because of the pay-to-advance-move a big dissapointment. Very cool game, very cool idea, very nice strategy and business move of Nintendo to introduce a new Super Mario game at same time with the release of the new Nintedo Switch Console. BUT: when people, who are awaiting something with this much excitement, get surprised with a “pay for advancement”-hammer, your business makes 10 steps back.


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