Apple device stopped charging? No panic.

If you have an Apple device, may that be an iPhone, iPad or any other device, and you’re not able to charge it anymore, don’t panic. There are the usual online forum advices you can/should run through, but this is what happened to us:

We had an older iPad, that suddenly, from one second to the other stopped charging. I admit, we had to trade its original charger (Chinese) to a non-brand-charger (Europe). We tried different chargers from different brands we had at home. Even tried different cables. Nothing worked. So we went to an Apple service and I asked the guys to see if the pad charges with their charger. It did. So we found out, that it is actually true: ALWAYS use original Apple chargers and cables with your Apple device. Always! I heard about it, but until now I thought “Come on! That can’t be it!”. The devices can actually detect, if the cable or the charger is an original or not.

Interesting was, that it didn’t stop charging right away when we had to switch to a non-apple-brand charger. It looks like,  for emergency cases, you can charge the device for a frew times with a non-brand-charger, until you can replace your original one. But after some time the device just thwarted the charging. Very interesting.

So just in case this happens to you, don’t panic and do not, I repeat: DO-NOT through your device out the window. Just get a new original charger.


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