And there it was!

Hi there. Yes, this is my first blog entry. I think it should be something “bang” and “boom”, but how to do that? It’s my first entry and it’s all a bit overwhelming.

So first I say thanks to I was looking all over the web for advices how to start your own Blog and then I found theminimalist. It had a nice, easy to understand and motivating blueprint on how to start a Blog. The first time I saw this manual I thought about it for a long time. Thought about time, energy, motivation, creativity and much more. The second time I visited theminimalist page I just went to WordPress and dove right in. So this Blog is still a work-in-progress so anybody who sees this, has to be a bit patient with me for the first┬ápart of “creation”.

I am going back to discover all the things I can do here on WordPress and the I will keep you up to date.



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